jardin d(’h)ivers 



VR-Video Installation
Programme Curation

in collaboration with
Edoardo Micheli


Funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

VR Video-Installation:   20.01.23
silent green
Gerichtstr. 35
13347 Berlin

Programme: 21-22.01.23
Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit
Beusselstraße 44
10553 Berlin

Provoked by the statement of EU foreign affairs representative Josep Borrell: "Europe is a garden, the rest of the world is a jungle", JARDIN D[‘H]IVERS*,  a proposal by visual artist Cẩm-Anh Lương, musician Edoardo Micheli and members of Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit, is a two-day event about the fragility of gardens, of their boundaries and their dependence on the hostile jungle outside. It is an attempt to cultivate and open up an experimental, virtual world in which we examine the power relations between all creatures and the world's inhabitants beyond these distinctions and limits, with reflection on the power dynamics, resonating from recent developments in art, science, technology, music, as well as migration stories, ecology, policymaking.

(*) JARDIN D [‘H]IVERS is a play on words in French. “Jardin d’hiver” means “ garden” while “Jardin divers” can be translated as “garden of diversity”.

Featuring an artist talk, a gaming installation, a sound installation,  a short film screening and a sound workshop on ecoacoustics and soundscape ecology.

Inviting Participants: Shane Munro, Florine Schüschke, Roland Sookias, Lucien Danzeisen