Treffpunkt: der Vulkan (Azahar, Admiral und Lazy_fairy)  



[EN] Meeting point:
the Volcano (Azahar, Admiral and Lazy_fairy)
[VN] Gặp nhau nơi miệng núi lửa (Admiral, Azahar và Tiên_làm_biếng)

Two-channel Video Installation with VR activations.
10:00 mins

Borrowing some fairytale storytelling techniques and folktales from Arabic and Vietnamese mythologies, history-making and investigating family archives, three fictional characters Admiral (Sedawi), Azahar (AlKayal) and Lazy_Fairy (Lương) investigate and share intimately their personal experience of the real “fairytale” of “welcome culture” in Germany, discuss strategies to survive against institutional powers, and propose an intersectional feminist lens to create fairytales which serve emancipation and transformation, with the pondering of how to continue to build a sustainable and supporting system for POC/FLINTA* in exile. The work proposes a collective method to converse and harvest between the characters in a real yet fictional meeting point, where the three have encountered each other: the volcano. It also references the sculpture "Tanz aus dem Vulkan” (1988), Ludmila Seefried-Matějková and Nettelbeckplatz, Berlin – a focal point of the yearly demonstration of the International Women’s Day (March 8th – and critically interrogates the colonial past, imprinted on the present day.

The artwork is connected to lumbung in the sense that it examines the idea of collective storytelling and resource sharing in a virtual world. The artists also practice lumbung in their own work by collaborating with other artists and communities and creating a shared archive of stories and experiences. The artwork is part of the lumbung program during documenta fifteen, which features various events and activities that reflect the values and practices of lumbung.

From time to time, Admiral, Azahar and Lazy_Fairy offer visitors the chance to step into their reality with VR glasses to embody the fourth character and immerse themselves in their mixed-reality stories. ︎  

© Cẩm-Anh Lương, Mayada Al Kayal, Batoul Sedawi
Courtesy the artists

Production Credits:
Esra Sakalli – Photogrammetry
Mahmoud Ismail, Roland Sookias/EDDy Lab ULiège – 3D scanning
Edoardo Micheli – Music & Sound design
Cẩm-Anh Lương – Conception, Video Editing, VR design
With thanks to: Nadira Husain, Noureddin Yassin

Inspired by the collective work The Super Empowered,
*foundationClass, nGbK, Berlin, 2020

Part of documenta fifteen
Hafenstraße 76
34125 Kassel